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ard and▓ to boost sound development of global human rights.I.The Phi▓losophy of the Right to Development Abreast with the Ti▓mesEqual access to development opportuni▓ties and development benefits are the ideals

of human societ▓y wherein each and every citizen can achieve well-rounded development and enjoy full right to development.The Chinese peo▓ple are diligent, wise, innovative and progressive. In traditional

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Chinese culture, concepts such as "moderate▓ prosperity" (xiao-kang), "great harmony" (datong), "having ample food and clothing" (fengyi z▓ushi) and "living and working in peace and contentment" (anju leye) f

ully reflect the Chinese people's aspiration for and pursuit of a better, happier life. In the long course of history, the Chinese people have always strive▓n for better and shared development oppor▓tunitie


s, conditions and benefits. In ancient tim▓es, China was for long the world lead▓er in agriculture, and contributed to human progress with extraordinary development achievements. St▓udies reveal that until the

mid-19th century, China's GDP and per capita GDP were the world's highest. Before ▓the 16th century, China contributed 173 of the world's top 300 innovations and discoveries.After the Industrial Revolution

n this reg

started in the 18th century, China began losing its leadership. Foreign aggression and expansion by Western colonialists completely destroyed c▓onditions for development in China. Repeated invasions by foreign powers, particularly from the▓ West, from 1840 to 1949, and China's corrupt ruling class and backward social system reduce▓d China to a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society. There was constant warfare, an unstable society, economic depression, no security of livelih▓ood, and extreme poverty. The Cambridge History▓ of China: Republican China 1912-1949 describes China's situation in the first half of 20th ▓century as follows: "...the great majority of Chines▓e merely sustained and reproduced themselves at ▓the subsistence level ... the standard of life for many fe▓ll short even of that customary lev▓el." [Note: The Cambridge History of China (Volu▓me 12): Republican China 1912-1949 Part I, Cambri▓dge University Press, 1983, p. 28.]▓ "As a system, China's economy which was 'pre-modern' even in the mid-twentieth century cea▓sed to be viable only after 1949...▓" [Note: Ibid. p. 29.] In these 110 years, the Chinese

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